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My 24th Birthday Lyrics

My 24th Birthday Lyrics is latest English song sung by Dave, this beautiful song music is given by Dave while lyrics are written by Dave.

My 24th Birthday Song Details

SongMy 24th Birthday
LabelNeighborhood Recordings

My 24th Birthday Lyrics

I spent my twenty-fourth birthday with the people I love
For the diamonds, gotta see through the dust
God, I know I ain’t easy to love
I just wish that abdullah could’ve seen what we’ve done
I retired my mum, moved out with my friends
That’s where the problems start
That it ain’t where it ends
How many single mums sacrifice it all for their kids?
Stop working, feel they haven’t got a reason to live

I believe that god fed the five thousand
With the bread and the fish
‘cah I seen mummy do some similar things
It can hеlp you or harm you
Depends on how you using the ropе
How are we in the wrong for supplying drugs?
The government’s the reason that we use them to cope
I made friends with a flame
And I’m used to the smoke, yeah!

When we never had a thing, we still split in half
It’s the people with the least
That got the biggest hearts
One of a kind, true love
It ain’t just something you find
A good girl ain’t just something you find
I get along with gold diggers
And that’s something I fight
But it’s probably ‘cah now
I got more money than time
My friends say they worry about me
I just tell them, “I’m fine”
I took a look in the mirror, and now I wish I was blind

Is she the love of my life or in love with the life?
Backstabber, see the blood on your knife
My mum covered me in blood
But it was coming from christ
Disaronno on the rocks, I pour a double with ice
I take trips to wind down, I ain’t reading at night
The only time I touch books when I’m seeking a flight

Can you hear me? Let me speak in the mic
God, I know I ain’t easy to like
But still I’m seeking the light
I spent a quarter million on renovating my house
And couldn’t even live in it
’cause they was staking it out
Tracker in my car, felt like double-o-seven
Whipped the aston out of park
I knew his energy was dark
Living out the carinthia
Didn’t even have a yard
But that’s where I met my teacher
And I learned to play guitar

Guess it’s written in the stars, life comes at you fast
Squeeze the urus in a convoy of cars
We got it on us, you ain’t even gotta ask
Don’t trouble us, fame comes quicker than money does
Salmon pink suit, I’m like de niro in casino
Life gave me lemons, I gave you a branzino
And I seasoned it
Me and drake, we’re in a private room reasoning
And he is always been there when I needed him
Listen, I’m the reason

Why your dream girls all wiggle their a$$es
Drink wine, but don’t finish their glasses
Snap pics in bahamas
Sniper, do it in silence
I ain’t in all the drama
In this town, I got the crown
But I ain’t been in the plaza
Fu*king crosses, teams on conspiracy charges
Gardens laid out in astro’
I ain’t dealing with grasses
Fu*k a snitch, got my guys remanded
Life of an artist, pretty women, triple-a passes
Slim thick, skin slick, I mean
It’s coming like it’s oil she bath in
See the harvest, see the seeds I planted
There’s a drought in the ends
I’m in cali’ with a ting

I’ll end up posting a pack like
I was snapping in the gym
Check my records, you can bang it on the wing
I lost friends, but it’s my innocence I miss
I guess ignorance is bliss
I ain’t bragging
Only rap about a fraction of my sins
My young gs don’t count a stabbing
If it happened in his limbs
The world is my fu*king office
Book her a trip to the tropics
I’m feeling philanthropic
N!Gga, that’s a different topic
The gmt and est, they are gonna think I’m foreign
Different timezones, and that’s the way
I gotta pick my watches

Streatham vale, but you could say I live in gotham
Way I take the birkin and I kill a crocket
You can see the little locket
Bro, it ain’t no wonder why she finna top it
Look, I ain’t a striker
I’m a cam becah’ it’s in the pockets
Tell them to miss me
Never signed a deal, you n!Ggas hating on history
And I took the ends with me
That eight-figure check wasn’t enough to convince me
But that’s the only time I turned my back on a sixteen
Life is a game, you can’t play it in split-screen
God hasn’t given me a test I couldn’t handle yet
I don’t ever bother tryna match it when the scammers flex

Give her something money can’t buy
And that’s the challenge next
Ambidex’, problems coming at me from the right and left
Love is dead, enough gyal are doing the most
If you’re talking engagement
It’s probably to do with a post
I’m at that age
Where everybody’s getting married or having kids
Feel like it happened quick
Commitments, hella pressure
There’s enough of that as it is
Can’t make the same mistakes that my daddy did
‘cah I know what the damage did
How you raise a life, and you haven’t lived?
But what’s living?

Is it clubbing and banging chicks? Or planning trips?
Or some sort of pleasure I haven’t managed to factor in?
I guess I’ll let you know when the stats are in
Your friends get busy, the cracks start showing
And that’s when the distance in between us start growing
We all want it, I just wanted it more
I think this money’s exposed my flaws
The clean hearted find it harder for sure
See, most people that are wealthy
They ain’t good in their core
You either rich off of talent or exploiting the poor
I’m twenty-four and an adult in the eyes of the law
But still a baby in the eyes of the lord
You see the bible’s my sword, and the word is my shield

Stormz prayed for me, I cried
It sharpened my steel, but that’s my brother for real
Me and mummy saw the world, man, she couldn’t believe it
And to this day, that’s my biggest achievement
Did twenty-seven countries in under nine months
So when the most high says my time’s up
Just tell him that I tried
And I ain’t never switched sides
I did it for you and I
Sixteen ’til I die, it’s

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